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※ Birthday Cake From The Weekend.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Vanilla Cake Made this cake for my wonderful mother in law's birthday on Sunday.  Will blog recipe soon.  Have  lovely weekend everybody.

※ Kracie Hamburger - Happy Kitchen Hamburger ハッピーキッチン ハンバーガー

Happy Kitchen Hamburger ハッピーキッチン ハンバーガー Some Japanese DIY Candy You Need to Assemble I picked up this kit on my lunch break for $7.99. Thought it would be a bit of fun.  (Excuse iPhone snaps) Will try and make it over the weekend.  You get two cheeseburgers, a side of fries, ketchup and a drink. You need to supply tape (for construction of fries container) scissors and a tooth pick to assemble.  The Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger Kit is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself snack making kit. These bite-sized sliders are a savory delight and lots of fun to make. Served warm out of the microwave, the burgers and fries go beautifully with a dollop of homemade ketchup and a fizzy soda to wash it all down.  I found this video on YouTube and it shows exactly how to make the cheeseburgers, so I have posted a link to the video here on my page for you to watch. I found the below instructions below also ( on this link )   Lucky as there are no English instructions on the box. –SEE