※ Fried Spring Rolls (po Pia Thot)


* Spring roll Pastry
* Bean sprouts 6oz/170g
* Cabbage1/4 shredded or grated

* Carrots 3oz/170g, thin strips

* Spring onions 1 1/2oz/45q. chopped

* Garlic 2 cloves

* Root ginger 1 tsp. chopped

* Fresh mint 1 tsp 

* Coriander 1 tsp
* Thai Basil

* Chicken 8oz/225g, skin removed/ (sometimes I also use chicken or pork mince)

* oil 3 tsp/15ml

* Sesame oil 2 drops/1ml
* black pepper pinch/2g, freshly mill* Corn flour 4 tsps
* light soy sauce 1 floz/30ml

* Olive oil for brushing 1 tbsp/15ml/ or enough for deep frying (whatever your preference)

Cut chicken into fine strips and fry in hot wok with a little oil flavored with sesame oil.
Add the chopped ginger, garlic and stir. 
Toss in carrots, cabbage and beansprouts and cook for a few minutes. 
Season with pepper.
Take off heat and stir in mint, basil and coriander and allow to cool.
Spread out sheets of pastry.
Place some of the filling at one end, leaving 1/2 inch, either side of the filling.
Fold the outside into the middle and roll around approximately twice. 
Seal with lightly beaten egg and place onto a cloth that has been spinkled with cornflower.Keep in fridge until needed.
Brush with oil and bake at 220oC, for 8- 10 Minutes or deep fry. 


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