※ Chicken Soup

  • Left over shredded chicken
  • Corn
  • Lemon thyme
  • Black garlic
  • Chicken stock
  • Bay leaf
  • Ginger fresh grated
  • Small onion (or 2 shallots)
  • Cracked black pepper
  • Small celery stalk
  • Maldon sea salt *

I fry off the onion & garlic in some butter & a dash of oil.
Add everything else and simmer for 30 minutes.

There is no substitute for Maldon Sea Salt and it is now one of the best recognised brands in the market. Its soft white flaky crystals are completely natural, without artificial additives, giving Maldon Sea Salt a distinctive texture and salty flavour, which means less, is required. Free from the bitter after-taste often associated with other salts, its characteristic clean fresh taste enhances the flavour of all natural and fine foods.


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