※ Scrambled Eggs

Served with bacon (yes I am aware that is not vegetarian, but the main dish is) I love slow roasted or semi dried tomato for a garnish. Served with plenty of freshly cracked pepper and coarse salt.


For 1

2 eggs,
1 tbls cream
Salt, pepper
Butter for cooking
Herbs to taste.

* I vary what herbs I make it with sometimes: chives, parsley (Italian)


Beat the eggs and fold in the cream & herbs. Melt the butter in a small frying pan till it sizzles and add the egg mixture cooking at a high heat for the first few seconds while the egg whites firm. Then turn the heat down low and cook gently and very slowly, folding the egg mixture over until it is starts to set but is still very slippery. Take off the heat and allow setting in the pan and serving while still glistening. If you leave it too long in the pan it will continue to cook so have your plates ready.


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