※ Best hot chips in the world according to...

Bellerive bakery, Hobart Tasmania

The fries from this place were always my favourite. I have been known to make a trip here just to get the fries when I'm home.

In my experience, Birmingham, England. At the rail station.

I also had some good ones at Frituur Smul in Oostende, Belgium but I was hung-over at the time so they might not be as good as I remember.

Frituur Smul had mayo, malt vinegar, lemon juice, sea salt, and a kind of smoky seasoned salt. I knew about fries with mayo from working at Wendy's in high school in the 70's so didn't suffer from culture shock.

I don't remember.I was in Chicago for a job interview a couple years ago, and for lunch we went out to eat at this really small breakfast diner.
They had, simultaneously, the best coffee and chips I've ever had in my life. I turned down the job and forgot what the place was called :(

I'll see if I can find the name of the place...it's in Seattle. I had their sea salt and truffle oil chips. There's also a place in Monroe WA that I'll have to look up the name of but they make sweet potato fries that are amazing.

Young's on Caerphilly Road.

A friend of mine was commissioned by The Herald-Sun (major Melbourne newspaper) to find the best chips in Melbourne. We researched many places, had trouble coming to conclusion, but the front runner was a BBQ chicken shop in Preston, with second place a roast dinner shop in Toorak..

We had about 70 locations tested, with a further 30-40 recommended places to check out, but he went overseas and the paper lost interest so we stopped.

There is a place in Chicago that sells fries cooked in duck fat - saw it on the Anthony Bourdain show, but I have never tried them. Personally, my favorites are the fries with brown gravy and mayo that I grew up with in British Columbia, and poutine (French Canadian dish - fries with brown gravy and cheese curds) in Ottawa or Montreal.

While not English style chips and more fries, the fries at Yellow Sunshine in Berlin are delicious.. Crispy and salty

KFC chips in their heyday were pretty good :)


Dunno about chips - but the best fries in Seattle are at the Honey Hole. Don't listen to that liar, Faust.

The best fries I've ever had were in Rhodes.

Jackie and I climbed the mountain to reach the Acropolis of Rhodes. It was 105F that day and we were gasping when we reached the top. We were so overheated it kind of ruined the experience at the top. Because of the climb we took we beat the crowd coming up that day, so we beat the crowds coming back down into the town.

We were back in town for a few minutes when a cafe owner looked us in the eyes on the sidewalk and said, "beer?" Being the good Canadians we are we totally fell for it. He brought out two one litre bottles of Hellas Pils and a plate of McCain French fries that were cooked in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt, green pepper and fresh oregano. Best. Ever.


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