※ Package From Afar

A friend Scott sent me a package of goodies.


I look forward to cooking up a storm this weekend.I love trying new & exotic spics and ways too cook and I am sure my husband enjoys eating it!

The photos were taken and posted in sequence.
Each time I pulled out an item, Miguel inspected it then looked in the box for the next thing.
He actually tried to get in towards the end, but he is a little too big.

Message from Scott: 
The spices are typical of the Mexican cuisine near the area that
is now New Mexico.  www.newmexico.org/cuisine/recipes/index.php.  

Each US and Mexican state with indigenous Mexican people has its own traditions
and flavours. They are known for vicious rivalries between green and red chiles loyalists.
Pisole is the traditional starch and the star of my favourite Mexican soups and stews. 
Pisole with braised pork and red (chile) broth served with lots of fresh tortillas is one of my very favourite meals.
The Theo chocolate is from Seattle. They are 100% organic and offer tours.


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