※ An Early Xmas Gift

An early Xmas gift to myself.

As a collector of vintage cook books I was so happy when I heard about this vintage beauty.
I look forward to documenting my journey in food with these old classics.

The Australian Women’s Weekly - The Retro Cookbook

It's a step back in time to the fabulous fifties when the kitchen was a woman's domain and salmon mousse was the height of sophistication.

Featuring pages and recipes from original 1950s AWW cookbooks, this wonderful new title traces our culinary journey from then to now, contrasting recipes from an era when the dinner party reigned supreme, to the wonderful contemporary recipes we all like to cook and share today. As well, there are iconic pages and advertisements from the mid 20th century which remind us just how far our cooking choices and meal-making skills have come. 

This is a trip down memory lane - a beautifully designed book with pages from old cookbooks showing what we used to eat, old advertisements showing what we used to buy and wonderful modern recipes alongside their beautiful modern photographs. These recipes are for finger food and sandwiches, snacks, afternoon teas, family dinners, the Sunday roast, and puddings. They contrast the way we eat now and the way things used to be.

The Women's Weekly Retro Cookbook is an Australian publication. Measurements are in metric, with recipes from the original AWW cookbooks in imperial.


  1. My grandmother still has all the originals!! :) I love them!!


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