※ Redskin Vodka


  • 17 Unit/s Redskins (Small 8cm Ones)
  • 1 bottle of ABSOLUT VODKA

Blending Instructions:

Take a full bottle of vodka and pour 1/4 of it into another bottle.

Take 17 small redskins and push them into the bottle of vodka

Top the bottle of vodka up from the liquid you previously poured out

Leave the bottle until all of the redskins dissolve

Give it a shake every now and again to help the process (This could take anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days depending on the redskins) 

A layer of gum will form on top of the vodka, this is normal

Once the redskins have completely dissolved poor the vodka syrup through a coffee filter to remove the gum.

To serve, use one shot of redskin vodka and top with lemonade (If its too sweet you can use tonic water instead)


  1. What, exactly, are redskins? I'm assuming regional candy, because I don't remember ever seeing them in AZ.

  2. They are an Australian Candy. (a red-coloured chewy candy bar manufactured by Nestlé raspberry-flavoured)

  3. Is it simular to our red vines like licorice?

    1. Not really, it is a hard candy with a distinct raspberry flavour. I have had red vines and they taste really different.

  4. do you have to filter it? or is it safe to eat/drink?

    1. Yes I do, as said above "poor the vodka syrup through a coffee filter to remove the gum"
      I just bought a cheap pack from the supermarket and placed it inside the funnel. Seemed to work quite well.


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