※ Pizza Sandwich Toasted

Being eaten / modelled here by Jacob

I had a craving for pizza but couldn't be bothered making dough so I decided I'd make a toasted sandwich that tasted like pizza.

Pair this with a salad and you have a great pizzeria style lunch without the calories attached...or the bill.

  • A tablespoon of tomato paste or concentrate
  • Few leaves of fresh basil
  • Tasty cheese (or ideally some mozzarella grated with some tasty) 
  • Hot pepperoni or salami
  • Sprinkle of oregano (dried)
  • Salt & pepper top taste
  • 2 Slices of bread

Turn on griddle or fry pan and get a good heat going.

Spread bread with tomato concentrate

layer with ingredients above

Cook until brown on both sides and cheese melts.




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