※ RANT of the day

RANT of the day.

People who steal my pictures and put an ugly watermark on them. (WTF) I know there is no way to stop it, it just makes me mad.

It's bad enough when people take photos from big websites like "Taste" etc and post them on their own pages as recipes.

Yeah you can cook that, but you sure as hell didn't take that photo.

I sound like a broken record here, but come on people be original. 

Oh and re this site, their about us is "Lorem ipsum" well done guys on building a piece of tripe! (no way at all to contact the site owner) 


  1. Oh! I can't believe people do that? Surely they're not allowed to? I guess you should feel flattered though, if you can take a positive from it.

    1. It happens all the time! oh well nothing we can do about it.


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