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The lovely people at TBD Imports have kindly supplied us with some delicious coffee to giveaway.

(1 Bag of Medium roast 283.5gsm)

Vanilla and coffee now thats a match made in heaven!

Vanilla Coffee

A blend of organic Sumatran, Columbian & Guatemalan coffee beans, flavoured with organic vanilla beans.
No fake sugary flavors or syrups - just real vanilla beans.
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • No added sweeteners or additives
  • No artificial flavours

To be eligible to win, finish this sentence: 

"I like to enjoy my coffee with __________"

 & if you could "like" their Facebook page too that would be lovely.

You can visit their web page here: http://tbdimports.com.au/ Importer and distribution of all natural food products including Singing Dog Vanilla, Red Ape Cinnamon and Justin's Nut Butter.

You may enter on our Facebook page or comment on the blog.

GOOD LUCK, winner will be selected at random by a generator. (on 19th September 2012) 


  1. I like it when people come together and share ideas.

    Great blog, keep it up! gracias
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  2. I like my coffee with, at least, two boston cream donuts OR 5 timbits from Tim Hortons (a canadian donut shop)
    I don't have facebook to "like" but if they've got a twitter, I'll happily follow!

  3. I like to enjoy my coffee with an episode of Twin Peaks, where they drink their coffee "black as midnight on a moonless night!" ;-)


  4. I like to enjoy my coffee with creme, and cinnamon, a good show, my favorite blanket, and intentions of having another wonderful cup. :)

    Amy Lyn

  5. Avocado, vegemite and a poached egg on toast!

  6. I like to enjoy my coffee with the feeling of absolute satisfaction after having two dark single origin men delicately unload their bulging Java sacks on my chest.

  7. breakfast, lunch AND tea!!

  8. Congratulations Jodie Sledzinski who enterd via Facebook. Thanks everybody who entered and took the time to write a line or two. A new giveaway will be up soon.




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