※ Memories of Japan May 2010

We traveled to Japan in May 2010, was a culinary adventure to say the least. 
Thought I would post a snippet of some memorable things we ate there.

Supermarket shopping was so fun, the variety of products and packaging
blows me away.

Apple yoghurt became a favourite of mine. Wish we had it here.

Cola Up: Jellied Japanese Soda
Really not what we were expecting J hated it.

From gummy to liquid to jelly, all in one chunky soda.

Kagoshima beef, which comes from Japanese Black Cattle,
is famous among meat connoisseurs for being tender,
well-balanced, and of superior quality.

I know they are American, but have never tried them.
They were great!
Milk Chocolate Macadamia

It’s two soft yet crunchy sesame cookie “buns” covering a smooth,
buttery-textured layer of chocolate “patty” with a smidgen
of white confection “cheese”.
Very clever, very cute, and very tasty if you’re into those ingredients.

Loved the fake food in restaurant windows.

Wish I had tried the Japanese take on KFC! Maybe next time.

The BEST Gyoza I have ever had to this day!

Strawberry Kit Kat, why cant we have these here?
I was tempted to try the wasabi one but didn't manage to get around to it.

Giant garlic bread in an American style restaurant we went to.

Pepsi Nex is only available in Japan.
I loved the packaging and the small portion size.
It is very similar to diet Pepsi but with a medium
hint of lime and/or ginseng maybe?

J thought he was ordering a pizza and what came out was a crack sized pizza
was hilarious! We then realized we were ordering from a tapas style menu.

A temporary lapse of sanity I ordered seared chicken not thinking that
it meant pretty much raw. I should have know better.

The most heavenly macaroons, so delicious and perfect!
The strawberry were just as good as the chocolate!

Wish we had this burger place here!
Lotteria burger was so good we ate there twice.
They had a melon flavored soda that tasted like honeydew.


  1. I'm so looking forward to going to Japan one day!

    Larry's promised to take me :)
    (he used to live in Tokyo as an exchange student and when he first left college and he's fluent in Japanese)

    And some of his colleagues are totally super awesome! Everytime Larry sees one of them they give him biscuits to give to me =D and the presentation is always mindblowing (and slightly insane!)

    1. you will absolutely love it! Apparently there is a kitchen district. (we didn't visit it that trip but next time I wanna go there for sure) Everything is all so wonderful, I could happily live in japan.


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