※ Tips for Cooking Garlic Bread

- Wrap the garlic breads in a single layer of foil.
- Cooking times vary according to size of bread loaf:
- Large baguettes/French loaves take +- 20 minutes in a 200°C oven.
- Small breads e.g. hotdog rolls take +- 10 minutes in a 200°C oven.
- Over coals / BBQ Grill? Make sure the heat is moderate. Time varies between 15 – 20 minutes turning all the while.

If you don't want the cut surface of the bread to get crisp and browned, cut the bread into vertical slices about 1 inch wide. Leave the bottom crust intact by stopping each cut about ¼ inch from the bottom. The bread remains in the loaf shape but has slices in it. Spread the butter mixture between the slices and wrap the loaf with aluminum foil.
Top the buttered bread with shredded cheese to make cheese garlic bread.

Read this comment on the Guardian website & it made me laugh because it rings true to me: 

3 May 2012 12:27AM
Garlic bread is like tequila..it's always present at parties, you get way too over-excited, consume more than any human or beast should ever eat in one sitting and spend the next hour or so attempting not to vomit whilst vowing off the stuff for at least the next year, before going back for more about 20 minutes later...I bloody love it.."


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