※ Store is Closed For Maintenance

Hi everybody,

Please note, the store is closed for maintenance & will hopefully reopen later next week with new stock. I have made my first batch of soaps for Saffron on the Hill over the past to days. (take a lot of time!)
Saffron On The Hill Dog Rescue Inc is a Not-For-Profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs. Many of dogs that come into our care each year require special medical attention, special dietary needs and extra special TLC.

There will be the following fragrances available. (I am not making unscented on this run as there was a request for it but only one was purchased.)

FRAGRANCES: 100% natural nothing artificial.


  • Orange
  • Cinnamon Leaf and sugar
  • Spearmint
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Lime
  • Maple Syrup

  • Espresso
  • Rose water - very very faint fragrance  
  • Lemon Lime and Orange 
  • Orange & Poppyseed 
  • Cinnamon & cinnamon leaf 
Thanks everybody for your support and especially for helping out the rescue puggies.

INGREDIENTS (may include): cocoa powder, honey, maple syrup, vanilla beans, spearmint oil, orange oil, orange or lemon rind, coffee, lavender oil, pink grapefruit oil, lime oil. 

Will update ingredients list prior to sale.  

$5 each with $2 from each bar to Saffron on The Hill

I can post 3 soaps anywhere Australia Wide for $1.60 any more than that the cost is $6.60 for a prepaid satchel. There will be two designs - head and body as pictured below.



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