※ Saffron on The Hill Open Day 2013

Been making a bunch of journals, notepads, etc to donate to the open day that is on early next month. So excited, will get to meet the doggies and the wonderful Karen + so many nice other people too.

Here's a preview of whats going on. Please note: Miguel is the quality control inspector and adds fur to EVERYTHING! If you get some pug fur in yours, consider it a bonus. 

Currently up to 38 pieces, time permitting I will make a few more. 

Those not in the know:
Saffron on the Hill Dog Rescue Inc is a Not-for-profit organisation that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs. We fund our work through the sales of our dog accessories, auctions, fundraiser events and through voluntary donations from our wonderful supporters.



  1. They are so beautiful and so are you. karen and pugs xx

  2. U r freaking awesome Elli

  3. The world needs more people like you and Karen

  4. The world needs more good people with a passion like you and Karen to save the animals


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