※ 200 Classic Cake Recipes (Scans of old recipes) Part 1

Thought I'd do some scans of this awesome little gem today.

Successful Cakes, Mixing Methods, Chocolate Cakes, White Cakes, Sponge-type Cakes, Pound Cakes, Party Cakes, Upside-down Cakes, Spice Cakes, Fruitcakes, Fillings and Frostings 
Today Theme Chocolate - Part one
  • Mahogany cake
  • Chocolate loaf cake
  • Devil's food cake deluxe 
  • Chocolate fudge tweed cake
  • Dark chocolate fudge cake
  • Spiced red devil's food cake
  • Chocolate marble cake 
  • Sour Cream chocolate cake
  • Marble tube cake
  • Spanish cocoa cake 



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