※ Lip balms now back in store!

Buy 4 small pots or tubes & postage is only $2.60
Large pots, postage $8.00 Flat rate shipping capped at $8.00 up to 500gsm Australia Wide


BALM Headache Relief - Small Pot
BALM Headache Relief - Tube
LIP BALM Large Pot - Spearmint
LIP BALM Large Pot - Vanilla Honey
LIP BALM Small Pot - Banana Cream
LIP BALM Small Pot - Banana Pancakes with Maple Syrup
LIP BALM Small Pot - Bubble Gum
LIP BALM Small Pot - English Toffee
LIP BALM Small Pot - Mint Chocolate Chip
LIP BALM Small Pot - Peach Lemonade
LIP BALM Small Pot - Peppermint
LIP BALM Small Pot - Vanilla Honey
LIP BALM Tube - Banana Cream
LIP BALM Tube - Bubble Gum
LIP BALM Tube - Chocolate Licorice
LIP BALM Tube - Orange
LIP BALM Tube - Peach Lemonade
LIP BALM Tube - Peanut Butter Chocolate
LIP BALM Tube - Peppermint
LIP BALM Tube - Salted Caramel
LIP BALM Tube - Vanilla Honey


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