※ Here is a gift idea to make for a family

Here is a gift idea to make for a family who have just had a baby. My best friend had a baby last week (her second) She really didn't need to be inundated with unnecessary gifts. I wanted to do something thoughtful for her & her family. So I made up a box with some food.
I included:
  • Some apples from the local farmers market (not pictured)
  • A pasta bake
  • Home made baked beans in a tomato and oregano sauce.
  • Some flour less orange cake (the one I made Friday)
  • A couple of tins of tuna
  • Home made tomato Sauce
  • My own spice blend of taco seasoning
  • Some great Australian made muesli
  • Home made white peach and vanilla bean jam
  • Home made tomato sauce
  • A bag of rice

The last thing new parents feel like doing is cooking, but are in need of eating healthy food made with love. Didn't take long, as I just made double batches of what I was making for us for the weekend.

She sent me a text last night and was very grateful. I was glad I could help xoxo


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