※ Horrible! Tests reveal supermarket pies not even one-third meat

My home made shepherds pie

Why home made is so much better, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE EATING!

Pies sold by the big supermarket chains barely exceed the minimum government standard of 25 per cent meat, according to results from Australian Laboratory Services in tests commissioned by Fairfax Media.

'They just meet the regulatory requirements to call it a meat pie. It's a disastrous choice from a health point of view, and if you're overweight, it's the worst thing to choose.''

"A Woolworths spokeswoman said its pies contained 25 per cent frozen muscle, while the chicken nuggets contained 48 per cent chicken breast."

"The government standard for meat pies is 25 per cent ''fat-free flesh''. Fat-free flesh is described by Food Standards Australia New Zealand guidelines as being the skeletal muscle of a slaughtered animal, and can include animal rind, fat and connective nerves, blood, blood vessels and, in the case of poultry, skin."

That actually makes me feel ill!

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Source: THE AGE

My home made shepherds pie

Store bought pie, can you even call it a "Meat pie" ?


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