※ Miss Tuxford's Cookery for The Middle Class

I picked up this up at an op shop in Geelong quite a few years ago. 
Fantastic find and as the scan below shows it cost me 50 cents. It is Fragile, loose at the spine and browned with age. The book is missing the cover and you can tell was so well loved. There is a treasure trove of handwritten recipes on loose sheets of paper inside too as well as clippings from newspapers of the time and modern ones too.

I will do some scans over the coming weeks, there are some fantastic staple recipes which hold up so well even today. There are some horrendous meal ideas too. (So stay tuned for a laugh!)

I will tag all posts scanned "Miss Tuxford"

Tomorrow will be the first lot and the category is "SOUP"

A brief blurb: "A very interesting recipe book from 1937 aimed at middle class ladies who were catering on a budget and who had a new fangled gadget, an automatic gas cooker.
The book contains loads of recipes for dishes popular in the 1920's - 30's but also has numerous adverts for products of the time. Most you will recognise, Hovis, Bird's Custard and Hartley's jam, it is surprising how many of the products are still in common use today about 75 years later. In addition to the recipes there is a 'Table of Foods in Season', and sections on 'Household dinners', 'Cooking with Gas' and 'Hints when using cookers automatically controlled'. 

I have the 7th edition. Details are:  | Miss Tuxford's | cookery | for the | middle classes | (7th edition). | (Including a few vegetarian dishes.) | Useful hints on gas stove cooking. | By | Miss H. H. Tuxford, M.C.A., | Diplomee Board of Education, Gold Medallist, etc. | One shilling nett. | By post, 1/3.  Southbourne, Bottesford, Notts:  


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