※ Ground Beef & Stew Recipes (SCAN 1970's Recipe Flyer)

Purchased in a lot from eBay years ago, this one is from The Beef Industry Council. National Livestock and Meat Board. (Art revised 1971: Published by BEEF INDUSTRY COUNCIL - Chicago Illinois)

Recipes Include:
  • Meatloaf with zesty topping
  • Beef mushroom loaf
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Meat Balls in curried tomato sauce
  • Baked Beef and Rice  
  • Grilled Patties with Cranberry - Olive Sauce
  • Easy Chop Suey
  • Saucy Beef Cubes
  • Braised Beef Cubes with Vegetables
  • Nifty Beef Stew
  • Beef Rhapsody


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