※ Got my hands on some new flavours in the Cadbury Marvellous Creations range.

The first one I tried was Caramel Shakes, which features a centre of crunchie caramel with a  caramel-infused candy shell. Being the chocaholic that I am I was super excited to see caramel shakes on the list of new flavours available. The caramel shell was delicious and not sickly as caramel can tend to be. They really did have that nostalgic childhood flavour of getting a caramel milkshake from the local milk bar as a kid.

Secondly I tried the Cola Popping Candy Fizzy Crunch, I did not expect to like so much (the husband also agrees this flavour combo was so good) The popping candy was delcious without being too sugary as I expected it to be. The flavour tasted like coke bottle lollies which I love. Will definitely be adding these to the regular shopping list.


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