※ Hot Cross Buns (SCAN 1932)

9th Edition, 1932 Standard Brands Incorporated

Make up Basic Sweet Dough, * See below
adding 9 lbs. of seedless raisins and
1/2 lb. of candied orange peel and
citron, or 9 lbs. of Fruit Mixture
to a gallon mix. (See Miscellaneous  Toppings and Fillings  )

Fruit should be added just before the dough comes out of the mixer. 
If desired more fruit may be added to this mix.

This fruit should be soaked in warm water and Diamalt solution (See
Miscellaneous Toppings and Fillings) before being used so that the
resulting buns will not become dry.

AFTER the proper fermentation, scale the dough into pieces of desired
weight—round up these pieces, set on bun pans so as to make
i individual buns, or set closer together to make one whole sheet—then
allow to proof to about twice their original volume. Use knife or
scraper to make crosses, running first across the pan and then lengthwise.
A patent cutter or any other method may be used to make the
crosses, but a sharp knife will give the best results.

AFTER making crosses, finish proofing in box using little steam.
Wash the full proofed buns with egg wash, and bake in a good heat.

AFTER baking, finish the buns by the following method:
(1) By making a cross with vanilla icing.
OR when half proofed.
(2) By making a cross with a Short Dough Topping.

(See Miscellaneous Toppings and Fillings).

This may best be|accomplished by using a pastry bag and a No. 5
plain round tube (about 3/8 in diameter).

* Sweet dough recipe see below.


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